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OffGrid® Identification Tag


Easily label all bags with an adhesive identification tag designed with the EDEC OffGrid line in mind. The ID tag attaches to the exterior of EDEC OffGrid bags with 3M double-sided adhesive to quickly create a forensic identification or card pocket. Tags feature stitchless, thermo-welded seams and a flexible, transparent Thermoplastic polyurethane window for visibility.

  • Discreet, stitchless, thermo-welded seams support attachment to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Flexible, transparent Thermoplastic polyurethane window for visibility

Size: 2.63” x 3.88”

Flexible, Transparent Window for Visibility

The clear visibility window of each tag allows users to easily identify the owner and contents of each labeled bag.

Easy to Attach,
Adhesive Back

Strong 3M adhesive securely fastens tags to create a forensic identification pocket on any surface.

Off Grid Features

  • Element Proof
  • Data Protection
  • Smart Construction
  • Easy To Use


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