Premium Faraday Bags for Everyday Electronic Devices

Safeguard your digital privacy from hackers

Protect yourself against any potential security breaches with an OffGrid faraday bag. The OffGrid faraday bags make it impossible for hackers to steal your personal information by shielding your electronic devices from GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 5G, RFID, and all other wireless technologies.

Keeping You Digitally OffGrid

OffGrid faraday bags are designed to block all electronic signals


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Our Customers Trust OffGrid Bags

A must have!!!!!

First of all, you can't go wrong with an EDEC product. I'm a big fan of their products. Quality is top- notch and they work. Their OffGrid line is very sleek looking. It's a Stitch-less design and my favorite part is they have a magnetic strip to make sure no signals will leak through. Yes, it does include Velcro as well but the magnetic strip really seals it up. They also use double layers of Faraday material making it a quad-layer. Also, the outside layer being waterproof is a plus when you are trying to protect your electronic devices. I truly recommend their products.

-Amazon Review

Works Great!

"This is great for blocking signals to and from your cellphone or other devices. To test this out, we placed an iPhone 8 in there, closed up the bag, and sent several texts and email messages as well as calling the phone. When we removed it a minute after, the phone showed NO messages, no emails, and NO missed calls. Great for total privacy. Easy to store in a backpack or travel bag, this should protect you from any RFID scanners as well."

-Amazon Review

Excellent value and a great size

So these bags are amazing. Well-made, they hold a lot and look good. I really like the idea of being able to disable all the tracking devices in our electronics and I can put a laptop, and phone in this bag, close it, and know I'm disconnected. When we begin traveling again I anticipate packing this for sure to use for protection while in transit or in areas where I don't want to risk scanners stealing my information. I watched last year in Paris a man walking through the Louvre standing close to people with a device in his bag and he was detained by security after about an hour. I was using an RFID bag at the time but I think these are more likely to do a better job protecting devices since you can put everything in it vs. an RFID slot for your cards or a phone.

-Amazon Review

Great to Secure your Privacy

I use this EDEC signal-blocking Faraday Laptop Bag to secure my work laptop. Now that working from home is becoming the norm, I need a way to move into and out of a work-time mindset. My experience has been positive using this Faraday cage for this purpose. When the workin' day is done, I place my MacBook Pro into this cage for safekeeping. It also works well if you need to transport your work laptop. Do you need the internal GPS recording every move you make in your private life? No, of course not. Take action to ensure that it doesn't. The cell signal, wifi signal, or GPS signal will not penetrate this bag. To help separate your private and work time, I highly recommend this bag. Its padded structure has the added benefit of protecting the items within.

-Amazon Review

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