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OffGrid products secure your privacy and data by isolating digital devices from RF signals so you can’t be tracked, hacked, surveilled or identified.  OffGrid products are made with high quality materials and advanced fabrication technology to maximize protection. Our products are lightweight and convenient to use; yet provide military grade protection that is trusted by the US military, law enforcement, forensic labs, and government agencies.

With the explosion of digital technology, phones  became a primary way of solving crimes and digital evidence needed to be protected. Before OffGrid created professional Faraday products, signal isolation was largely ad hoc  (including aluminum foil and cookie tins).  Our reliable, convenient, and reusable Faraday bags were a huge success with law enforcement, military, and digital  forensics experts. Imitators quickly followed. The OffGrid Premium Line of products are a new generation product line with better shielding, water protection, and technical  fabrication that makes our products light and secure to protect your personal privacy, data and defend against malware that enables remote tampering, surveillance, and theft. 

Yes, we launched our utility bag over 10 years ago and it was a huge success with law enforcement, military, and the general consumer market. We invested in a lot of the research, best design methods, and overall technology to provide the best possible faraday bag to protect your electronic devices. For our most advance faraday bag, check out our Off-Grid collection.

The main differences in the Utility vs the OffGrid are the construction and materials used.  See the main details below:

Utility (first generation) products: 

Not waterproof
Original professional Faraday bag product
Designed for military and forensic investigators
Outer material is Ballistic Canvas
Double Fold Roll Down Closure

OffGrid (new generation) products: 

Thermo Welded Seams avoids punctures from sewn seams that may compromise the bag
Water and Dust Resistant
Increased Shielding with multiple layers and laminated seams
Magnetic & Velcro Closure is secure and convenient to use
Lightweight and protects devices from water
Durable Ripstop Nylon Exterior Material (waterproof and prevents rips and tears)

Our mission is to develop innovative shielding products to protect consumers from threats to their digital security and privacy.  OffGrid products isolate a wide range of devices from RF signals and have been used by the military and law enforcement to preserve highly sensitive evidence for over a decade. Today we offer that same protection to the general public.

Depending on the size of the order we may be able to offer a discount. Please contact us with your request and we will get back to you ASAP!

Yes, we can. Our DUNS# is 023996417, our CAGE Code is 758D3. We are registered in WAWF for payment as well as various state systems. Please contact us if you need further contract-related information.


Personal privacy,  data security and even your physical security is increasingly vulnerable to a growing number of threats which include:  

1. Malware can be purchased online by any bad actor and pushed to your devices through un-secure public wifi and through public charging stations; or sent to your phone through phishing or other means. Malware can: 

acquire sensitive data – call logs, text messages, files, and passwords
monitor your location
eavesdrop on conversations
control the camera on your device
activate and track your phone (even when it’s off)

2. Car key fobs constantly broadcast a security code which unlocks the door and allows the owner to start the car. Thieves can clone the signal, open your car door (at a distance) and drive your vehicle.

3. Employers are legally allowed to monitor location and data on company provided devices.  Most companies use device management software to do this. 
Most of us “Agree” in Terms of Use to allow apps to access our devices, monitor our behavior and location, and use that data to target us with advertising, offers, and tailored information.  Given access to your device, what else can they discover about you? How many apps are accessing your data? Do you manage their access?

4. Geofencing technology is increasingly used to capture data on target visitors at events and political rallies, if they have location data enabled on their phone (90% of attendees do). 

Yes.  OffGrid bags will protect electronics from an EMP. Our bags also protect against EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and EMF (electromagnetic field) that can be emitted from electronic devices.

mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart watchesBitcoin hardware walletsGPS systemsElectronic car key fobsCredit cards, passports and access control cardsSensitive electronics that need protection from EMP and static electricity

Yes, Faraday bags do block 5G signals. Faraday bags are designed to block all types of electromagnetic signals, including radio waves, cellular signals, Wi-Fi, and more. It's important to clarify that 5G signals are a subset of the broader category of cellular signals. The effectiveness of a Faraday bag in blocking 5G signals will depend on its design, construction, and the specific frequency bands used for 5G in your region. OffGrid Products are premium constructed Faraday bags and will block 5G signals.

Yes, you can travel with a Faraday bag at the airport without any issues. Faraday bags are designed to block electromagnetic signals and are not considered prohibited items by airport security.


The useful life of a Faraday bag depends on many factors, including frequency of use, environmental conditions, and care. OffGrid  bags have multilayers of fabric and an exterior layer of protection against water and humidity that protects the devices within the bag and extend its useful life. We recommend that a bag be evaluated regularly for wear and tear, for  oxidation of the Faraday material, and for tears or punctures that might compromise the integrity of the shielding. 

Our bags have been lab tested, but you can easily do some real-world testing. Put your phone in the Faraday pouch and call it to test that it is isolated from the mobile network.  Go on a computer that has wifi/cell accessibility and use the Find My Phone  app compatible with your device. You should not be able to locate your phone when it is in our bags.

Faraday bags block signals but not sound. You will hear your device’s alarm through the bag. Siri , Alexa and Google might be activated by voice on a device,  but they will not be able to search or deliver information nor make calls because the device cannot connect to wifi, bluetooth or cell service.

The phone will not ring, and the call will go to voicemail.

OffGrid Faraday bags act as a shield against incoming and outgoing RF signals by conducting RF signals around electronic devices rather than allowing the signals to penetrate the bag. Each OffGrid bag is fabricated with multiple  layers of conductive Faraday material as well as  protective layers. For usability, our bags are designed with a convenient to use but secure closure. OffGrid  bags isolate your electronic devices from GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 5G, RFID, and all other wireless signal technologies.

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. All Faraday cages are named after scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.

A Faraday bag is a  lightweight, flexible, and portable Faraday cage designed to shield frequencies that apply to digital devices. OffGrid bags prevent remote wiping or alteration of wireless devices recovered in criminal investigations; but they are  increasingly used by the general public to protect against data theft, enhance digital privacy, and protect against electromagnetic radiation.


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