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Premium cybersecurity is no longer reserved exclusively for elite military and police forces. OffGrid products make the protective technology used by even the most advanced security firms accessible to everyone. OffGrid was founded on the belief that cybersecurity is an uncompromisable necessity in this day and age. We believe that every device, from the smallest key fob to the most extensive police equipment, deserves equal protection. Our products are created to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. This assurance of data protection empowers the use of devices freely and with the confidence that online presence is safe from unwanted intrusion.

Peace of mind can be found inside an OffGrid bag.

One bag to block it all

  • Prevent RFID RFID 13.553 MHz
  • Prevent FM Radio FM Radio 88 MHz – 108 MHz
  • Prevent GPS GPS 1575MHz
  • Prevent Cellular Cellular 1850–1990MHz
  • Prevent Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.4 GHz
  • Prevent WiFi WiFi 2.4–5.9GHz

Security for all situations


Preserve the integrity of evidence by ensuring important data is not remotely accessed, tampered with, or removed. Protect officers and informants from being digitally tracked or followed.

Personal Security

Protect against credit card theft, unpermitted location tracking, and password hacks so users can operate freely on and offline.


Trusted by military branches, counter-terrorism firms, and government agencies for over 10 years with the prevention of remote detonation and device-bugging.

Intelligence Agencies

Safeguard devices that hold critical evidence to prevent remote manipulation of data.