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Complete cybersecurity for everyone.
Everyday. Everywhere.

Premium cybersecurity is no longer reserved exclusively for elite military and police forces. OffGrid products make the protective technology used by even the most advanced security firms accessible to everyone. OffGrid was founded on the belief that cybersecurity is an uncompromisable necessity in this day and age. We believe that every device, from the smallest key fob to the most extensive police equipment, deserves equal protection. Our products are created to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. This assurance of data protection empowers the use of devices freely and with the confidence that online presence is safe from unwanted intrusion.

Peace of mind can be found inside an OffGrid bag.

OffGrid Faraday Bags - Lifestyle

One bag to block it all


13.553 MHz


88 MHz – 108 MHz






2.4 GHz



Faraday Bag Mobile

Passport Protection

Protect your personal information on and offline. EDEC bags provide an extra layer of defense to guard the RFID chip within each passport for secure travel.
Faraday Bag Laptop

Personal Security

Total cybersecurity includes more than just cell phones and laptops. Maintain the privacy of yourself and others by safeguarding all of the data on your devices.
OffGrid Faraday Bags

Travel Data Privacy

Hop off the grid with ease by blocking signals that can be exploited for nonconsensual location tracking.
OffGrid Faraday Bags - Lifestyle

Digital Forensics

Defend valuable evidence that is crucial to forensic investigations. An EDEC bag prevents the remote manipulation or deletion of classified digital information.