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About OffGrid by EDEC Digital Forensics

When and why was EDEC founded?

EDEC was founded in 2009 to innovate products that protect digital evidence by isolating devices from outside signals that may alter or erase data on devices once they are in custody. EDEC products have been a trusted tool of law enforcement, the military, and government agencies for over a decade. Today, EDEC is introducing OffGrid™, a new generation of Faraday protection that integrates EDEC’s military-grade signal security into high-tech design that is attractive, water resistant, and lighter and easier to use.

What is Faraday technology and why is it central to your products?

Our bags create a conductive enclosure around mobile devices, which blocks electromagnetic fields (signals). Signals can neither enter nor exit the bag, isolating a device from any outside network so it cannot be hacked, tracked, or detected. It is completely off the grid. 

Product design must focus on maintaining the integrity of the enclosure when it’s in use and effectively shield all potential signals.  Faraday bags are used in the digital forensics field to preserve evidence by preventing remote wiping or alteration of data on devices in police chain-of-custody. Similarly, EDEC bags protect sensitive military information and intelligence; safeguard devices that could be remotely triggered; and prevent tracking of our own soldiers in the field. EDEC’s new OffGrid™ product line integrates the same level of shielding with design that is “lifestyle friendly” (easy to use, attractive, and water resistant). 

Why is personal digital security so important?

Most people are unaware of just how exposed their personal privacy and data are on mobile devices. Devices can inadvertently connect to unsecured wifi networks that leave them open to malware, tracking, or surveillance by unscrupulous actors. Many corporations track cell phones through applications on phones. Geo-fencing is used at events to identify attendees and target them with ads or fundraising ploys. And it’s not hard to imagine other ways in which that data can be mis-used. Rather than swearing-off technology altogether, EDEC offers a solution to these privacy concerns and provides peace of mind in the face of a rising tide of digital threats. 

What does EDEC aim to do for its consumers?

The proliferation of cloud platforms, cellular devices, and IoT machines make some level of undesired surveillance nearly unavoidable. EDEC pioneered signal isolation with its Original line of Faraday products designed for security and forensic professionals. Now its OffGrid™ product line makes the same level of digital security available to civilian and business users who are rightly concerned about their data security and privacy.