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Protect Your Devices From Electromagnetic Pulses

OffGrid Faraday Bags

Are you ready for an EMP Strike?

An Electomagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a sudden intense burst of high energy electromagnetic radiation. This high energy surge interferes with components that make up electrical devices that we use everyday, causing malfunctions or total failure

Natural EMP

Lightning strikes and solar radiation are the most common sources of natural EMPs. Geomagnetic storms have historically wreaked havoc on power-grids, communications, and personal devices worldwide.

Weaponized EMP

EMPs can be weaponized to disable electrical grids and devices across widespread areas. A high-altitude nuclear detonation could generate an EMP with the potential to destroy electronic devices across continents.

Turning your devices off will not protect them from the devastating effects of an EMP. Start protecting your communications and electronic devices today

Shield from emp's

Prevent location tracking

Safeguard sensitive data

Prevent security breaches

Keeping You Digitally OffGrid

OffGrid faraday bags are designed to block all electronic signals


Insert your device

Place your phone, laptop, tablet or keyfob inside the OffGrid Faraday Bag

Instant Shielding

Incoming and outgoing wireless signals are blocked and cannot penetrate the bag

Automatic Protection

360 degree deflection and neutralization of electromagnetic pulses and interference


OffGrid is the first company that brought faraday bags to the market over a decade ago.
The preferred choice by law enforcement, military, corporations, and intelligence agencies across the globe.


Preserve the integrity of evidence by ensuring important data is not remotely accessed, tampered with, or removed. Protect officers and informants from being digitally tracked or followed.

Personal Security

Protect against credit card theft, unpermitted location tracking, and password hacks so users can operate freely on and offline.


Trusted by military branches, counter-terrorism firms, and government agencies for over 10 years with the prevention of remote detonation and device-bugging.

Intelligence Agencies

Safeguard devices that hold critical evidence to prevent remote manipulation of data.

Protect your Electronic Devices today


The best offense is a good defense.

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