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Protect Your Health
From EMF's

OffGrid Faraday Bags

Our personal devices keep us constantly exposed to ambient electromagnetic radiation. Now you can protect your health and block unwanted EMFs emitting from your phone, computer and tablet.

Block EMF Radiation

Cut All Wireless Signals

Shield from EMP's

Military Grade Protection

Keeping You Digitally OffGrid

OffGrid faraday bags are designed to block all electronic signals


Insert your device

Place your phone, laptop, tablet or keyfob inside the OffGrid Faraday Bag

Instant Shielding

Incoming & outgoing wireless signals are blocked and cannot penetrate the bag

Stay Protected

Our faraday bags block all electromagnetic frequencies for your protection

Proven Protection

OffGrid is the first company that brought faraday bags to the market over a decade ago. Through extensive lab testing, our Faraday bags have proven to be the best preventative method for lowering EMF radiation in day-to-day life.

EMF Protection

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF exposure) is an ever increasing concern as new technologies rapidly emerge. From everyday appliances like cellphones, laptops and Wi-Fi routers, to our large scale power grid infrastructure; our devices are a constant source of ambient RF radiation.

Risk of Cancer

Electromagnetic radiation can cause damage to living organisms by heating up, mutating or killing cells that constitute them. Long term high levels of RF energy exposure is correlated with increased rates of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Military Grade Shielding

Trusted by military branches, counter-terrorism firms, and government agencies for over 10 years for durability and reliability

Lab Tested

After countless lab tests, the best method to prevent low level EMF radiation is to put your electronic devices in an OffGrid Bag. OffGrid Faraday bags are made out of a special combination of metals that block all wireless signals and EMF radiation

Protect your health today

The best offense is a good defense.

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