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Faraday Tents


Faraday Tents enable maximum, comprehensive security for forensic and anti-espionage investigations. The Faraday Tent secures more than just devices, it secures an entire area so that investigators may operate in a protected field. 

EDEC Faraday Tents comfortably accommodate multiple operators with plenty of space for desks and equipment. Transmitters are not able to operate from the inside, granting secure communication in anti-espionage investigations. Every tent includes double-wall construction, shielded power, Ethernet, ventilation system, EMI hardened lighting, and a double magnet strip door for a tight conductive seal. Faraday Tents are indispensable in a wide range of forensic situations.

Choose from two pre-configured tent packages or contact us for information about building an enclosure with custom specifications.

  • Comfortably holds two to three individuals with desks and equipment
  • Two shielded honeycomb vents; lower intake with fan and sleeve, upper exhaust
  • Power strip, extra connectors, tensioning accessories, protective bags, rip repair kit
  • Double layer, Faraday thread, heavy-duty seams


Medium tent: 7' x 7' x 6.5' (comfortably holds one to two individuals with desks and equipment)

Large Tent: 9' x 9' x 6.5' (comfortably holds two to three individuals with desks and equipment)

Test range: Minimum 64dB (average 70dB), 50kHz to 4GHz

Wood flight case: Outer dimensions 70”x30”x26”, ~260lbs



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