What is the main difference between The OffGrid and Utility product lines?

The main differences in the Utility vs the OffGrid are the construction and materials used.  See the main details below:

Utility (first generation) products: 

  • Not waterproof 
  • Sewn 
  • Original  professional Faraday bag product
  • Designed for military and forensic investigators
  • Outer material is Ballistic Canvas 
  • Double Fold Roll Down Closure

 OffGrid (new generation) products: 

  • Thermo Welded Seams avoids punctures from sewn seams that may compromise the bag
  • Water and Dust Resistant 
  • Increased Shielding with multiple layers and laminated seams
  • Magnetic & Velcro Closure is secure and convenient to use
  • Lightweight and protects devices from water
  • Durable Ripstop Nylon Exterior Material (waterproof and  prevents rips and tears)