What are the threats to my privacy and how is my data, financial, and physical security at risk?

Personal privacy,  data security and even your physical security is increasingly vulnerable to a growing number of threats which include:  

1. Malware can be purchased online by any bad actor and pushed to your devices through un-secure public wifi and through public charging stations; or sent to your phone through phishing or other means. Malware can: 

  • acquire sensitive data – call logs, text messages, files, and passwords
  • monitor your location
  • eavesdrop on conversations
  • control the camera on your device
  • activate and track your phone (even when it’s off)

2. Car key fobs constantly broadcast a security code which unlocks the door and allows the owner to start the car. Thieves can clone the signal, open your car door (at a distance) and drive your vehicle.

3. Employers are legally allowed to monitor location and data on company provided devices.  Most companies use device management software to do this. 
Most of us “Agree” in Terms of Use to allow apps to access our devices, monitor our behavior and location, and use that data to target us with advertising, offers, and tailored information.  Given access to your device, what else can they discover about you? How many apps are accessing your data? Do you manage their access?

4. Geofencing technology is increasingly used to capture data on target visitors at events and political rallies, if they have location data enabled on their phone (90% of attendees do).